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Thank you Meridith!! You have given Kirby such a wonderful and loving home. I am very impressed with the training you are doing and all the tricks Kirby can do!! All before his 3 month old benchmark!  Sitting pretty, rolling over, laying down, waiting for treat, shaking hands,  crawling.....WOW. Good job. That is very gratifying to me as a breeder to have a client like you, it warms my heart!    thank you,


Meredith at her place of work, a rollar rink! Kirby gets alot of attention from her and all the skaters that love him...

Kirby is the best Bernedoodle puppy a girl could ask for(Bernice and Coots 1/22 litter)! I highly recommend Wheeler's to anyone looking for a puppy- they produce fine dogs and great companions. Kirby is adjusting super well to his new home and we are already attached at the hip. Training is going well and I can already tell he is so smart! Perfect temperment and an all around great dog. Perfect addition to the family and thank you again to Blaine and Amy for all the amazing work you do!
     Meredith Miller

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