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Bernedoodle puppy and owner
bernedoodle puppy and owner


Kirby is the best Bernedoodle puppy a girl could ask for(Bernice and Coots 1/22 litter)! I highly recommend Wheeler's to anyone looking for a puppy- they produce fine dogs and great companions. Kirby is adjusting super well to his new home and we are already attached at the hip. Training is going well and I can already tell he is so smart! Perfect temperment and an all around great dog. Perfect addition to the family and thank you again to Blaine and Amy for all the amazing work you do!
     Meredith Miller

Thank you Meridith!! You have given Kirby such a wonderful and loving home. I am very impressed with the training you are doing and all the tricks Kirby can do!! All before his 3 month old benchmark!  Sitting pretty, rolling over, laying down, waiting for treat, shaking hands,  crawling.....WOW. Good job. That is very gratifying to me as a breeder to have a client like you, it warms my heart!    thank you,

bernedoodle puppy and owner

Meredith at her place of work, a rollar rink! Kirby gets alot of attention from her and all the skaters that love him...

Pink Sugar

Below are Kratos (top) and Tato (sitting). Alssandro and Jessica came and got Kratos and then came back and purchased Tato! These dogs have a great home!! 

We have one of Wheeler's Bulldogges who is 12 weeks old.  He has given us some trying times but, Amy and her wealth of knowledge has been such a great help. She even worked with our vet to make sure he was receiving the right treatment. Her knowledge of puppy food and vitamins is amazing. Our boy seems to be on the right track and loves to play with our 2 year old 85# female dog. My wife named him Moyley & Crew. He is Mot and she is his crew! I believe he has found a home and will make our family happy for a long time. ~ Ed Eigner

new owner with puppy
owner with her puppy

Mazzy Grace has been adjusting well to our family....we have been tiring her out!!  We have been walking her around the yard and introducing her to the neighbors, she even went shopping with me yesterday.  Thankyou for such a sweet and beautiful puppy.  She is a GREAT addition to our family.  She is super smart and learning well.                   ~ Heidi Eckelberg

blue girl
blue girl
blue girl

Bruno is doing well!!  Took him for a wellness check everything is good and keeping up with shots and ect.  He only cried a little the first night but, he is adapting well and such a sweetheart!
~ Jacki Rodriguez

tri-colored Mearle  boy
puppy sitting looking up
puppy outside

Blaine and Amy Wheeler

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